My name is Leesa Knights, I grew up in a small country village in the heart of Somerset, England. As a child I was fascinated with faces and patterns and spent much of my time drawing organic repetitive designs on a designated wall of my bedroom. After high school, I studied a Foundation Course in Art and Design and then went on to complete a BA Honours in Fine Art at Winchester School of Art in Hampshire. Needing a break from study and eager to explore the world I left England in 1990 in search of some serious adventure and inspiration! Many travels later, many jobs later and with too many stories to re-count I am now happily settled on the Northern Beaches of Sydney practicing what I love.

In 2009 I hit a turning point, changing my artistic direction from the comfort zone of illustration to the unpredictable but challenging process of repurposing and transforming waste. Utilizing discarded objects gathered from public places, business sights and home I now source, sort, collect, dismantle, carve, cut, scrape, burn, reconfigure and assemble my materials to unleash new meaning and new form. Waste to Art has become my passion, Discovery my Inspiration, Materials my Challenge and Design my Meditation.

Everyone and everything has a story, a connection, and a purpose. My creative purpose is to discover the discarded, to collect pieces of the past and connect them with the present. Working with waste has stirred more than a fresh burst of creativity, it has awakened a lazy conscience, driven me to research on matters relating to sustainability, taught me to cross-pollinate ideas and been instrumental in teaching me to share the true art of reducing re-using and recycling.

To view my portfolio and Arts Resume please visit: http://www.krop.com/leesaknight/#/


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