Story of the Blue Butterfly

The Blue Butterfly was one of my earliest graffiti sculptures. I was walking my dog through a park one day when I noticed that the graffiti wall was in a state of being demolished. The colourful strips and jagged shards of paint caught my eye so I cut my dog walk short, stuff as much as I could into my jacket pockets and under my free arm before racing home to examine my new found treasure. The pieces ranged in size from a 50c coin to a small plate (there were easily more than a 100 layers of lost colour compressed inside each chunk). I spent many months experimenting with this bazaar waste material before stumbling across a few secrets that would allow me to manipulate it without breakage. I only had basic tools at the time so the carving process was long and arduous – the fluid like patterns appeared as a result of carving through multiple layers of colour and clearly outshone the crudity of its basic form.

The butterfly is an age old symbol used in art practices all around the world and can often symbolize new beginnings. This was certainly the beginning of something new for me!

On a Wing and a Prayer

On a Wing and a Prayer


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